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Here at FabFunBride, your success is an priority for us. We happily work with the following vendor types

  • Photographers & Videographers
  • Event Planners & Coordinators
  • Banquet Halls & Venues | Churches
  • Magazines | Blogs | Vlogs
  • Seamstresses | Alterations | Dress Makers : Have access to thousands of accent
  • Limo Companies: Custom Vinyls, Custom Glasses, Engraved USBs for music Selection
  • Travel Agents | Insurance Companies
  • Make Up Artists | Hair Stylists: Add Brilliant Haircombs, Vines, Tiaras, Crowns to your Collection  
  • Wholesale Program & Drop shipping Programs
  • Internships depending on location & program

Lets Talk About Increasing Your Sales

  • Partnering with us is an exciting opportunity to expand your business with proven sales records
  • We manufacture many of our own pieces & have long standing relationships with external suppliers allowing us to offer your the best possible price to invest or expand your current business | side hustle
  • Pre-Design Packages to suite your needs: we know how busy you are, let us assist you in securing more accounts
  • We are group or community of women supporting one another and when you achieve greatness you are sure to feel the praise and reward that you deserve


  • Work from home by setting up a showroom or travel to brides or meet at a location
  • Have fun networking and setting up truckshows and events
  • 25-50% of product discounts
  • Earn up to 15% commission
  • Generous rewards and incentives

Don't forget the details & accessories!

  • We have everything your bride needs in one place & can assist you
  • We make custom pieces just for your bride
  • We also can work with virtually any budget!

Bridal hair trials can be overwhelming, we offer the following

  • Wide catalogue of hair pieces to offer your customers
  • Light Flexible Vines, Combs, Tiaras & Crowns
  • Offer upgrades to your customers & showcase your endless talents as a hairstylist
What are you looking for? All you have to do Average Income Per Month Average Hours of Work per Week

A fun way of engaging with other people and making some extra spending money

Talk to friends, family, co-workers who are engaged


3-5 hours

A flexible part-time career that is rewarding

Become a strong seller and create a showroom for your clients with a flexible schedule


6-12 hours

A career that can replace corporate salary

Attend Shows, Set up full Showroom and Respond to every client inquiry

$4,000- $90,000+

15-25+ hours

**These are estimates based on earning potential and past experiences of active independant bridal consultants. Furthermore, this is based off of representatives or consultants who have achieved all of the neccesary requirements in order to be paid these commisions. This is not a guarantee, there is no guarantee that if you work set number of hours your pay will equal what is suggested herein. The success of each consultant like any other buisness depends on the skills aquired and used by the consultant.

"When I found myself out of a job, I applied to work with Fabfunbride. Best Decision Ever."

              -Jenny C


"I was at the age where all my friends where engaged and getting married. The starter pack made perfect sense!"

- Julia

"I've met so many interesting couples and brides which has been so rewarding. Would highly recommend seizing this opppurtunity."

- Tarieha

Bridal consultants assist brides with their purchase by assessing what pieces they require, which pieces match and of course what discounts can be applied for them.

Experience is not required however it is preferred especially for the higher levels. Being able to provide exceptional customer service to brides is a key component of our business and we ensure that all consultants are personable.

This option is only available to consultants at the higher level. More details are available upon request for active sales consultants.

We have many investment levels however we strongly feel the more you invest the higher rate of success. Please see out packages or contact our team lead manager.

Yes you can! It does require hardwork, organizational skills and a continious effort, just remember our team is here to guide you. As long as you make the commitment and effort and listen to postive feedback there will be no limit to your earning potential.